C++ Programming - Windows Compiler and Linker Issues

Few days before in VC 7.0 i had an issue while creating binary using one of my static library files only in case DEBUG build. The linker was crashing with an error LNK1000. Most of my search landed in groups and forum where they advised for M$ support. I kept on searching till i found quiet an useful page LNK1000 error when building resource-only DLLs. The last post by HuangTM saved my day.

i was surprised when i solved the problem. I had few static libraries which gets merged to generate my final library. And it was ORDER in which i used the internal libraries that was creating the problem. I was quiet astonished by this because the same kind of linking was working on linux.

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LNK1000 error when building resource-only DLLs
Troubleshooting for the Microsoft Visual C++ Compiler or the Visual C++ Linker

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